Things I No Longer Use…

Once upon a time I had a killer program from an outfit called Cultured Code called Xyle Scope that made it as painless as possible to see what style sheet settings affected what text and blocks on a web page, making it far, far easier to make web pages look consistent, and figure out what bit of .css code you needed to adjust.

I realized today, when troubleshooting some display issues in Safari, that I hadn’t used Xyle in a while.

The problem is that there are other options that have improved. Not only does Firefox have a killer javascript debugger that I’ve only scratched the surface of, but has a few decent css debugging tools as well (though not as good as Xyle…). I leave even that alone, because now¬†Safari is up to version 4. The web elements inspector under the debug menu is somewhat clunkier in use, but just as useful information wise. The javascript features give me enough info to fix most of my problems without going into a full debugger. The real killer app feature of this though, and why Xyle hasn’t been opened in forever, is that unlike Xyle Scope, the web elements inspector allows me to see the styling and elements of the web page is it is currently rendered, after content has been dynamically modified via javascript, and not just in the initial load state of the basic web code.

Apparently, even the guys who made it agree, as cultured code no longer even links to it off of their front page.

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