Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

My family recently bought the Toy Story movies, as Disney had re-released them as the 10th anniversary and special edition, respectively. Yes, they’re wonderful Yes, it’s great to watch these masterpieces of cinema, and re-watch them to get all of the cute references and jokes. I sat for hours going through the movies, and delighted in the commentary on hows and whys.

That out of the way, there is something I missed. The credit gags. The first movie had some incredibly funny blooper reels added into the credits. The second had “Tour Guide Barbie” smiling and waving “bye now!” through the credits. finishing with her wiping her brow and asking if everyone was gone yet. The short animated films are gone as well, but I’m more upset by the fact they actually changed the content of the movie and not just the quality of the DVD transfer.

I’m still scouring the extras to see if the bloopers and shorts are elsewhere…