Google Chrome

This Windows and Mac (Intel-only) browser is incredibly fast, incredibly lightweight, somewhat more secure than IE for Windows, and better than Safari when it comes to juggling multiple google logins to different domains. I recommend it to any Windows client who doesn’t have to use Internet Explorer due to banking or other access requirements – and in many cases those people use Chrome for everything else. 

While I still prefer to use Safari on the Mac due to the bookmark synching and a slight aesthetic preference – I often turn to Chrome.

Chrome is available from google at:


Now available for the Mac and Windows, 1Password from Agile Web Solutions has earned a space on my drive. While I still use Little Secrets for a lot of miscellaneous information, 1Password shines in its ability to interface with multiple browsers and provide you with a convenient menu of applicable logins for the vast majority of sites including google, yahoo, logmein, and many banking sites. One click, or a command-\ and you’re logged in.