A Neat Feature in Stacks

Yes, I loathe the ever-changing stacks icons, and the workarounds needed to make a stack a consistently identifiable target.

That said, there are a few features that you look at and wonder how you lived without it.

For example.  A new file gets downloaded to your inbox. You click on the stack and the stack pops open. Click on the disk image file and the disk mounts. Then you install your software. Now it’s time to clean up.

Now, my past practice has been to open up my inbox and drag the image file from the inbox into the trash. Unthinking, I clicked on the stack again since my selection arrow was nearby,  clicked on the image file, and stopped.

I didn’t want to reopen it. So still holding down the mouse button while kicking myself mentally and expecting to see a new “disk” pop up on my desktop, I instead see the file move with the arrow. Before I realize what I’m doing I drag it into the trash.

Not quite believing what I just saw, I open up the trash, and sure enough, the file is there.


UPDATE: As of OSX 10.5.2 Apple fixed the stack issue. You can now have the icon in your dock show up as the containing folder, and keep a nice, easy to identify target. They’ve added some more improvements too.

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