Go With God, Both of You.

It’s been a bad several weeks and it’s taken me this long to get myself together enough to write this. First of all, my family situation has changed and I now am quite surprised to find myself custody of my son. While this is something I have long wished, like many things wished for, the cost was unexpected, and severe. It was more so for my son than myself, though I still have memories of a week that went by in a seeming instant, so profound was the shock.

Second, anyone who follows Schlock Mercenary, Instapundit, the Baen Web Bar, or has simply checked into the Baen Website (opens in a new window) probably already knows this but Jim Baen, Science Fiction and Fantasy publisher, is dead. The official eulogy by David Drake, author of Hammers Slammers, can be found at http://david-drake.com/baen.html (this also opens in a new window). I also have added a page called “Go With God” that has a letter written by John Ringo in memorial.

Insofar as my more personal loss (and gain), mentioned above. It is personal, and even more so for my son, so I’m not posting long-winded eulogy. Elizabeth has had enough of those.

I wish my ex-wife well, and I will take care of our son.

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