iMovie ’08 and Finding Places to Put Your Stuff

I’ve been trying to figure out how to shift my default iMovie folder to another hard drive I have in my computer. Since iMovie ’08 doesn’t have a setting to change the default folder (unlike iTunes), it seemed that this was going to take a bit of unix wizardry. A small bit, to be sure, but still, it would involve lying to the computer about how the drives are organized.

Then I realized I was making it much too hard. The answer is actually quite simple. As long as you don’t mind having a folder called “iMovie events” at the root of whatever hard drive you move the video to.

There are two things to note in following these directions. You have to use the iMovie interface so it knows where to keep track of the files (and as noted, iMovie creates its own folder). Two, while the instructions keep saying “external firewire drive,” any physically separate drive mechanism should do. I haven’t tried it with USB, but I have used a separate internal drive on my G5.

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