I’m a computer consultant and sometime programmer living near Charleston, SC.

My history is that of a voracious reader with a creative bug, a movie buff, a classic poetry buff, a board/RPG/war gamer, and a lifelong computer geek. Much of my middle and high school years was spent on TRS-80’s, IBM-PC’s, and the family and school Apple ][‘s. In college I graduated to the George Mason University VAX as well as the first computer I could call my own, a Mac SE.

Twelve years in the Navy as a nuclear mechanic brought a much deeper appreciation of people skills, leadership, and thermodynamics. Five years on a submarine, one qualification as a universal freon maintenance tech by the EPA, and two tours as a shore-based instructor (the reason I came to Charleston in the first place) later, I got out.

The life of a nuke had little to do with computers, yet it was a phenomenal education. It was also, in retrospect, a humbling experience – and I learned a lot more than I realized at the time.

I departed the Navy in Charleston, landed a consulting job, and then switched to the small-business focused support company called Computer Consultants Group. We’re primarily Mac-centric, but also provide Windows, network, and other generalist support. I have also taught Microsoft and Cisco related topics for one of the local training centers.

You can find my taste in poetry (and readings of those poems) at the Call of Poetry website. You can also find me on Facebook.