Sticking My Nose In

Wow. For a while here the website’s been like a timeshare/condo property. It’s mine, but I’m never here.

Excuses and reasons aside, that little thing known as a real life has been getting in the way, and as a result, I not only haven’t had the time, but I haven’t really missed it. Still don’t.
So why am I here?

Because every once in a while I still need to vent. Or brag, or simply record the ins and outs of my life and my thoughts.

My son is still with me, and I am blessed to have him around. Despite all the chaos things are settling in, and having him in football/etc. has given him a lot of the things he’s missed. Despite all the money poured into support payments over the years his clothes, medical needs, etc. were neglected. Despite tight budgets we are seeing to that.

The girls have gone through their birthdays. The eldest, especially is going through growth spurts, as the markings on the wall will attest.

Dakota, the dog, just had his birthday on halloween. He’s three. Still thinks he’s a puppy when someone comes to the front door.

My wife? What can I say? I love her. She helps keep me pointed in the right direction while I work my magic.

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