Success is Not Inevitable….

WILLisms, the guy who brought us the Babe Theory of Politics, writes a note on Texas Independence Day, and includes much of the text from their declaration of independence. I wanted to reiterate the following point that he makes:

America is superior to Mexico not because we control this river or that natural resource, nor because we have more white people here, but because we have superior founding principles, a superior Constitution, and superior policies. Plenty of countries have plenty of resources. It’s only the ones that value liberty, economically, politically, and socially, that ultimately succeed. A rich and powerful Texas was not inevitable under any governmental system– just this one.

You can call it jingoism if you like. You can even ignore similar conclusions by P.J. O’Rourke in “Eat the Rich.” Wish otherwise all you like, but culture and the system of government does make a difference. Just look at the economic history of any Communist country. Look at the famines. look at the productive country-sides and “breadbaskets” turned into importers of food by collective farming policies.

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