Backing Up Is Hard to Do …

One thing that I’ve had underscored recently is a hint I repeatedly give my clients that can be put across in four words. Back Up Your Stuff

Nevertheless, despite repeated warnings, many people don’t. Some just flat out don’t believe that they will be the one whose hard drive ends up making strange and scary klunking noises. Others are well-intentioned, but just don’t manage to because, frankly, backup software is still more difficult to run than it should be. Nevermind the hassle of adding and removing drives, etc. for laptops, and you start getting some real headaches that explain why those of us who are a bit confused and even scared around computers wouldn’t want to spend the time.

The surprising thing is not that it happens in the business world as well, but that among those who do back up, it’s all too common to only back up the server and not track down laptop and other users who may keep files on their local hard drive.

When you’re dealing with a machine like a tablet PC, and the hard drive or other component fails that will result in it getting sent to the shop, you’re staring at losing a lot of critical data. You know: Family photos, your CD collection for iTunes, copies of tax returns, your email.

So. Do what you have to. Get an external drive. Archive stuff off to CD or DVD. use another computer in the house as a place to duplicate your critical information. Whatever. Just please, keep extra copies.

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