A few recommended books, movies, games, and albums. If you want to look for more recommendations, feel free to look at the larger selection over at Amazon or my Amazon Store with more recommendations.

  • Cryptonomicon
    by Neal Stephenson
  • DreamCypher
    Dancing Ferret
  • Tron: Legacy (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) [+Digital Booklet]
    Tron: Legacy (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) [+Digital Booklet]
    Walt Disney Records
  • The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
    The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
    by Robert A. Heinlein

What I Use

There are plenty of articles out there about “must-have apps” and others that evaluate “here are all the programs that do this.” This is not one of them. Instead, this is a tour of the tools I currently use that didn’t come with my Mac, and why. I’m ignoring the built-in apps like the Terminal for command-line access or Disk Utility because if I don’t mention a third-party alternative, I’m currently using it, and you can check it out for yourself. Along the way I’ll mention a few good alternatives that didn’t quite fit my needs.

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Google Chrome

This Windows and Mac (Intel-only) browser is incredibly fast, incredibly lightweight, somewhat more secure than IE for Windows, and better than Safari when it comes to juggling multiple google logins to different domains. I recommend it to any Windows client who doesn't have to use Internet Explorer due to banking or other access requirements - and in many cases those people use Chrome for everything else. 

While I still prefer to use Safari on the Mac due to the bookmark synching and a slight aesthetic preference - I often turn to Chrome.

Chrome is available from google at: