Has Feminism Killed Femininity?

That is the question asked in an posting over at BLACKFIVE.

I can’t say I agree 100% with the article, but I do for the most part. Several things stick out.

On TV the other day I even saw a disposable toilet brush: the ultimate in decadence for the spoiled homemaker. No need to get your hands anywhere near those icky bristles (how many of us ever touch the brush end, for God’s sake?)…

Yeah, and swiffers, and all those other disposable cleaning widgets and gidgets and wipes. About the only disposable cleaning tools I use are paper towels and baby wipes.

Besides, many women like to joke about how hard it is for men to learn how change a diaper (we men can’t put up with something icky I guess). It’s become a stereotype. Proof in point – look at any movie where guys get stuck taking care of babies and/or small kids. Even Ice Age did it. Now we get women who think it’s too icky to handle a toilet brush?

About the only reasonable excuse I can think of is convenience. As she point out later – working a full day has you coming home drained, tired, often tending toward cranky, and with low reserves of patience for anything. If wasting money on disposable floor wipes saves you time so you can kick up your feet and read (or more likely, watch TV for most households), hey….

Time is, after all a resource that cannot be expanded, that everyone has to spend in equal amounts. Twenty-four hours a day, no more, no less. If you want more time at home, you spend less on work, you become less useful to work, and your promotion opportunities go down. I’ve also seen this hold true for guys as well when they decide to spend more time with the family than advancing their career track.

Go read it, it’s thought-provoking.

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